Pamela Scesniak is a working artist. Her work can be seen in Milwaukee's public spaces. Among her commissions are the Brady Street Pictographs and the Milwaukee City Hall Common Council hallway. She has balanced her creative life with a mix of commissions, work in private collections, and teaching art to both children and adults.

A BFA and teaching certification from UW-Milwaukee provided Scesniak (pronounced says-KNEE-ac) with the credentials fro her 30-year profession as an art teacher. "Teaching a variety of art lessons" says Scesniak, "is a joy. It is wonderful to share techniques, persepectives, and tips from my life-long learning as an artist."

Brady Street Pictographs

Monumental Works of Art

Miller Brewery Health and Fitness Center: 

440 W. State St. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

In 2005, installation of 5` by 25` giclee of original watercolor by Pamela Scesniak. (not pictured)


Artist / Studio Art Classes

Milwaukee City Hall, Common Council Hallway

Sandblasted glass project created to celebrate two centuries of Milwaukee history is on permanent display.

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2012 Journal article

In 1995 Scesniak began the Brady Street Pictograph project.  In the next 2 years she blasted eighty-six original drawings into the Brady Street tree border area. Each site-specific pictograph reflected the street`s rich historic tapestry. 

Just like their namesakes: cave paintings, they have weathered and reflect the passing of time.

In 1999 the Concrete Visions book was produced to serve as a souvenir and guide to the 8 block long Milwaukee street.