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Artist Statement: 


The creation of an art object or idea is a demonstration of truth. It can be fraught with growing pains as well as pleasure. 

My aim to perform honestly and artfully, whether it`s creating a work of art or helping someone to connect with their "truth" in the art experience.

Grandma Moses said, "If I hadn`t taken up painting, I would have raised chickens...its all art."




Honored to again receive Best Painting & Drawing Teachers in Milwaukee 2017 & 2018 

Group​ Team Classes

Adult & Young Artist Classes




Drawing and painting in a variety of locations

Georgia O`Keefe inspired acrylic class.

Schedule a bonding art workshop

for your group or corporate company team...

5 week classes and one day workshops. Ages 8-108

Following are some comments from my students:

"thank you for helping me see colors and spaces better. Drawing is less of a challenge and definitely more fun!"

"Here is a note of thanks, I can`t wait to take another class with you."

"Perspective was a big challenge for me, really appreciate your help!"

"Now when I see art I don`t understand or like, I have more respect for the process and can "read" it better."

What to Look for 

WOMANS MARCH in Washington DC 

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